Maegan McDowell was born in Auckland, New Zealand in the late eighties. Her biggest influences growing up were her mother’s passion for medieval décor and her father’s fascination with the natural world.

After years looking at wildlife magazines and watching David Attenborough on television, she decided as a teen that being a nature photographer would be the most satisfying job a person like her could have.

At 19 she was offered the opportunity to explore South Africa and her dream came true. After that she got involved in the travel industry, which allowed her to visit and shoot many of the islands in the South Pacific.

In 2010 she headed to Namibia and explored half of the country camping and photographing wildlife, and her story was featured in a four page spread in well regarded UK Magazine Digitial Photographer.

A decade ago she turned her lens towards other subjects, honing her talents in other passions within the fashion and beauty industry.  But sometimes that wasn’t enough to satisfy her artistic inclinations: after all, art takes nature as its model.  

So in 2017 Maegan started studies in floristry, bringing home leftover flowers to create bodies of art that drew inspiration from the Renaissance period.

Today she focuses on Beauty and Fashion as well as embarking on her first solo photography exhibition showcasing her limited-edition series, ‘The Rebirth of Flowers’ and pairing up with a whole team of floristry classmates to create a full overgrown floral installation. 

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