Solo Exhibition

Behind the Scenes: The Floral Installation of my First Solo Exhibition

As some of you know, I recently created a series of fine art prints named The Rebirth of Flowers.

After having a little break in photography, I decided to study floristry to bring some motivation back. After a few months I started bringing home leftover flowers deemed no longer vase-worthy, I didn't want to waste them just yet. At first it was for decorating my studio, and after awhile I was building a collection of dried flowers everywhere. During this time I was watching Game of Thrones latest season and heard the quote 'What is dead may never die', and that's all it took.

The Rebirth of Flowers collection was born.

Rebirth of Flowers Poster

Whilst I was still inspired by my floristry studies I wanted something more, something I could include other creatives into (I'm a real team player). I pulled my tutor aside and pitched the idea of a full overgrown flower installation to accompany the art. She loved the idea.

The next day I spoke to the class of around 20 floristry students, we were all buzzing with excitement and started sketching ideas out onto paper and thinking of the logistics.  

I recorded the entire process of the floristry installation leading up to the exhibition as I really wanted people to see the effort and hard work florists endure in order to create their beautiful floral art. 

A big thank you to all the florists involved as well as M.I.T tutors for their support and motivation throughout this process. Thank you! This was a vision of mine that had come true because of them. Enjoy!

Take a peek into the exhibition opening night here.